Jean-François Bouchard has worked in contemporary visual art since 2003, traveling the world seeking out people whose interests and lifestyles are out of the ordinary. His visual focus is generally on marginalized, misunderstood, and often ostracized groups in our Western society. He sees his role as not only that of an activist but also of a witness who communicates the humanity he sees in his subjects. His work has been exhibited in galleries, museums, and festivals in Canada, the United States, and France. Transpose is Bouchard’s latest body of work which was exhibited at Arsenal Contemporary Art in Montreal and Toronto in 2015. His upcoming project “In Guns We Trust” will be featured in a book to be published by The Magenta Foundation and an exhibition to be presented at Arsenal Contemporary in New York City.

Bouchard lives and works in Montreal.



Head On Photo Award
Finalist, Transpose—May 2018. Australia.

Naneen Prize
Prize winner, Transpose—April 2017. Germany.

Pride Photo Award

Concours Lux
1st prize—2010. Montréal.

The Big Book
shortlisted work, Secret Societies—June 3rd to June 9th, 2011. Cannes.



Stern Magazine
Transpose win a prize at the Nannen Prize—April 2017. Germany. Stern Magazine dedicated a 10-page feature to the Transpose series—July 2016.

The Bare Truths of Trans Men, May 2015.

The Georgia Straight
Montreal photographer highlights transgender men in Transpose—June 2015.

National Post
Transpose captures the personal stories of trans men, May 2015.

La Presse
critique of the exhibition at Arsenal in Montreal in the digital edition of La Presse Plus—April 19th, 2014.

Still Life, Vague de scandales—Juin 2012.

Still Life—August 2012.

Miami New Time
Still Life, Jean-François Bouchard Brings Portraits of Sex Toys to Sleepless Night—November 2011.

Checkout Art
Still Life, One less lonely man—February 2010.